Use A Good Air Purifier to Combat Cigarette Smoke

Use A Good Air Purifier to Combat Cigarette Smoke

If you’ve ever lived with a cigarette smoker, or are one yourself, you’ll know only too well that dreadful small of stale, burnt tobacco that lingers and gets into your clothing. But of course it’s much worse than that because the impurities and toxins, introduced into the air by a smoked cigarette, will now be breathed in by the other members of the household. It would be great if the smoker either quit smoking or leaves the premises; but that’s all too rarely a practical solution. If this sounds a familiar scenario, then it’s perhaps time to look into what an air purifier can do to combat this danger to your health.

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Just imagine that stale, acrid stench!

How will an air purifier help me

An air purifier (or air cleaner) is any device used to extract cigarette smoke, dust, mold spores, pet dander, plus other allergens and pollutants from the air you breathe. They do this by reducing significantly the volume of harmful irritants, contaminants and air particles in the air. Generally, this is done with the use of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These filters are of a very fine mesh construction and they trap the air particles as they attempt to pass through the filter. What this means for you is the air coming out of the purifier is both cleaner and healthier.

It cannot be denied that most traditional air cleaners cannot remove the noxious fumes and particles released from cigarettes. This shouldn’t preclude you from trying out an air purifier though because with smoking you will find that the best air purifiers do make a noticeable difference in keeping the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. What they cannot do is totally overcome the problem. The problems caused by smoking cigarettes can only be completely eliminated when smoking has ceased permanently.

Air purifiers with smoke filters

Having said that, several air purifier manufacturers have developed machines that are more effective in eliminating the dangerous air particles associated with smoking. In most cases, they’ve achieved this by the addition of a secondary filter to their air purifiers. This secondary filter uses an activated carbon filter to eliminate the irritants and pollutants caused by smoking, usually after these have passed through the traditional filter.

When/if you decide to look for an air purifier to help eliminate the problems caused by cigarette smoke, check out the Internet. There’s an enormous amount of free information online, much of it is very good indeed. There are many online retailers that carry a wide range of air cleaners and purifiers. They can usually offer you more products because they don’t have the storage space restrictions of the traditional bricks-and-mortar retail stores.

A further reason for using the Internet in your search for air purifiers for cigarette smoke in home is the feedback left by previous buyers of these products. You’ll soon learn the pros and cons of each model and whether the product you are considering buying is good value for your money. A good air purifier for a household containing smokers doesn’t come cheap, which makes it even more important you do your due diligence before shelling out your hard earned cash.

Personal Development: Something of Interest For All

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Good Advice when you’re seeking to become a better person.

Something that should interest us all is Personal Development (abbreviated to PD for the rest of this article). In itself, PD is a very broad term, so let’s take a look at what it is and how it can help you in attaining success and becoming a better person.

PD comes in many ways and invariably changes during the different stages of maturity you experience as you progress through life.

To start you off on the right track, consider one of the easiest ways to start your journey. Simply, Be on time, always and for everything. Just think, if you’re on time, all is well with the world.

However, if you are late! Bam! Are you keeping people waiting? Have you missed the start? How important is it? You’ve put yourself at a disadvantage straightaway. Watch those stress levels soar. Are you at your best when stressed? I doubt it!

PD is a process of setting goals for yourself and working as hard as you feel you need to achieve them. While the achievement of some goals is a reward in itself, other goals need a more tangible reward to be achievable.

You should always try to set your rewards for success in advance so they can be used for motivation if/when the going gets tough.

Treating yourself to a reward for a goal achieved also reinforces the success of the personal development process and encourages you to stick with it. Remember though, a flexible process is always superior to a rigid one.